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ramblings and site updates (2021):


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Posted on Fri, 17 Dec 2021 01:26:02 CST

Rambling: October 22, 2021: yo im doing things

HOLY SHIT it has been 2 months actually. OOPS!! HAHA! wow. AWHEIAUHWJAP#*YRUHQ(83y49y3uh4kjb3rioweufwu help me! help, good night.

Posted on Fri, 22 Oct 2021 02:09:24 CST

Rambling: October 22, 2021: yo im doing things

miss me? i'm back. sorry for a month without a WORD! after a few thoughts, i am no longer happpy with the ramblings page! i'm giving it another shot. i've archived it but im not really sure if it looks pretty anymore but i don't really care, that's just a side effect of how BAD it is anyway. it's time to get SERIOUS (not really), i think i'm just gonna do what i'm doing here on this page to be honest. just filter through an rss feed or something similar lol

this does basically everything for me anyway. all i'm missing is the ability to tag posts and stuff but to be honest im not sure if that would be very hard to implement. i'll look into it eventually, i always do. even if it takes months. did you know there was a period at the start of this year where i didn't even update the site for like 5 months? yikes! ok thats not true it was really just the ramblings section. this page has given me the most amount of work BUT i dont care... anything for a cool new feature...

ok i'll see you hopefully soon idk i start working soon on the 28th so i will be MONEY and AWESOME. im trying to think if theres anything else i should put in here im not sure,. hello me in the future if you are reading this... i hope things are fine. you know, not really excellent but not terrible either, just fine. that'd be a good existence. oh and to you reading now i hope you are fine as well. sphhpshpshpshpsh im going to bed now i think. no im not i drank so much pop before bed what a mistake i am full of sugar and awful! i havent had pop in SO long... wow! what a rambly ramble. i like letting my head spill out onto the screen through my fingers it's quite a nice pastime but anyway i think it really is time to go have a good one (for this ramble you will pay 5 CROONGER, do you accept the transaction?) (NO i dont.)

Posted on Fri, 22 Oct 2021 01:55:46 CST

Rambling: August 28, 2021: hello. moer update

so work has been continuing on the SITE! been messing with php lately. well, it is quite fucking based. been thinking about redoing the ramblings page with php. i have many ideas that could make my life so much easier, but i have to put some more time into it. over the past year, i have come up with all sorts of hacks to get this page working, and now i think im ready to take another step. slowly but surely, i am making progress :)

speaking of, the rss page was redone. goodbye old reader i used! it was cool, but now i've started using simplepie and it makes things such a breeze, and customizable to my liking :]!

i look forward to improving this little hobby of mine. bye for now!

Posted on Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:21:40 CST

Rambling: August 18, 2021: SITE UPDATES!!

hi. im skydev. as usual.

anyway, today i updated the site. there might be things that are broken still, but i'm not sure. pretty much everything seems to be fine though. the changes are barely noticeable, i'll admit, but backend wise it is a loooot better for me. also, the site loads a bit faster now! everybody loves less wait times. the way the site worked before was that nothing was being saved to the browser cache. basically, the site wasn't telling the browser to save anything onto the disk. doing it this way means any future visitors will, in theory, only have to download the contents of the page ONCE from the internet, and then anytime the user comes back it will be loaded from DISK CACHE. Loading from local storage is a LOT faster than downloading off of the internet every time.

anyway, like i said, dont know if there are any issues right now, don't know if any will pop up in the future, but i'm just happy to be DONE WITH IT BECAUSE ITS 5 AM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Posted on Wed, 18 Aug 2021 05:13:01 CST

Rambling: August 7, 2021: gratefulness

what up everybody, i am now on Battle of the Bits! i enjoy the site a whole lot. a week or so ago, Googie reached out to me on youtube. we added each other on discord and talked a bunch and eventually BotB was brought up... it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen. so many cool things on this site... so many cool people!! right off the bat i was inspired, and wrote a buncha new tracks within like a week, hahahaha. they're on my profile, and probably will be up elsewhere soon as well. shoutout googie btw hes fucking awesome, showed me so many cool things!! and also makes cool tunes... was very inspirational to me when i was first starting out, so naturally i was like WTF, hahahahahahahaa

if you're reading this thank you so very much by the way. it means a lot you reached out and showed me all of this cool shit like just as a i needed it. definitely pumped me full of a drive to make music. one i hadn't had in so long.

to the rest of you... CHECK OUT BOTB!!!!

Posted on Sat, 7 Aug 2021 09:10:14 CST

Art: clipalooza art archived

all past clipalooza art has been archived here (all future art will go here too)

Posted on Sat, 17 Jul 2021 21:04:00 CST

Art: qbpd

new art and music
felt like making a little piece of art and music to go along with it. threw this together in a couple hours and i think its cute

Posted on Fri, 09 Jul 2021 11:39:00 CST

Art: trip to the city

some art featuring characters from echo

Posted on Thu, 01 Jul 2021 10:09:00 CST

Art: echo 7 and 8

7th and 8th echo comic

Posted on Thu, 01 Jul 2021 06:28:00 CST

Art: Astra 4

new astra art! i always love drawing her.

Posted on Wed, 30 Jun 2021 1:47:00 CST

Rambling: June 9, 2021: a reminder to try new things

please remember to try new things every now and then. making art in a different way than usual, or using sounds you wouldn't have thought to use before in music, etc. it could produce valuable inspiration, and even innovations in your own work.

for a long time, i tried my hardest to not deviate from chiptune stuff, mainly FC/NES. there's only so much one can do while sticking to one format, so recently, i've been breaking away from that and trying out new sounds, as you may be able to tell.

while working with all the new tools at my disposal, i immediately began thinking about how i can reproduce some of the sounds i was able to get in famitracker and vice versa. the way i think in a tracker interface vs. a piano roll is different.

there would be moments where i would go, "hum, i like this part of the process, i wonder how i can go about incorporating this into the other thing". you start to see new things you might not have even thought about before.

this learning process has been very beneficial to me. it is really cool to be able to apply knowledge and techniques from one thing to another. taking the aspects you like and combining them can be very inspiring, and these new techniques may even stick around with you.

Posted on Wed, 9 Jun 2021 12:56:16 CST

Art: echo 6

6th echo comic

Posted on Thu, 3 Jun 2021 04:04:30 CST

Rambling: June 3, 2021: skydev complains about windows (and talks linux)

does windows give anyone else a lot of trouble? the answer is yes. windows is like one of those things you don't really like, but have to keep around. recently, i haven't been able to connect to the internet through any wired means, so i've been forced to stick with wi-fi. luckily, it isn't a huge issue. my wi-fi is fairly good, and i use a laptop as my main machine, so it's able to connect to it. i have no idea why it suddenly decided to stop working.

another thing is that it can be terribly slow at times. like really bad. i actually installed xubuntu a while ago on here to play around with and it was one of the smoothest operating system experiences i had ever had, even with a lot less allocated to it than windows. i really want to get back into using linux, but some things are a lot easier to do on windows. plus, there seems to be a lot more support for windows in general. that being said, there are also a lot of linux applications i would love to be able to use. i also just want the flexibility and smoothness back.

ideally, i would like to have two machines, one with windows (for windows things) and one with some linux distro (for working on whatever). i had tried it in the past, working on school work with linux, and playing games with friends on windows, but found that switching between the two all the time was a bit of a chore. though, working with linux was very nice.

i'm not totally bashing windows here. i like to use it. but it could be better. maybe my thoughts will change in the future, who knows.

on a separate note, i am releasing my second album this month! tomorrow, actually. it's called CHIAROSCURO, and is around 46 minutes long. i'm pretty excited for the release. the youtube link is right here. you can find other links in the description.

Posted on Thu, 3 Jun 2021 04:04:30 CST

Rambling: May 25, 2021: chat room escapade // update

the chat page! basically a glorified comments page. i mean, it is real time, but i dont expect it to be used as a chat page :)

it is a bit of an experiment. i wasn't expecting to spend as much time on it as i did, but i had a ton of free time this weekend, so i thought, "eh why not, i've got nothing better to do" (i did have better things to do.)

for a while now, i've been thinking about having a comments page on the site. and yes, the phobo page exists, but that's for Phobo not Me. also it is an external application or whatever, not hosted here. while that's super simple to set up and get running, it isn't as satisfying as spending 20 hours on and off in front of an IDE, wondering what went wrong in your life. jokes aside, wonderful experience; i got to learn some cool new things.

my break from things continues! and i plan on sticking to this until june. actually it's frostix's birthday in 2 days, so i plan on popping into discord to send birthday stuff or whatever people do on birthdays. now, this was also sort of an experiment for me as well. i wanted to see what the effects would be if i took a break from everything. so far, a lot of productivity - and loneliness - has arisen. i was actually anticipating both of these outcomes. not being able to talk to some of the best people in the world (official Server??) has been hard. on the other hand, i get a lot done with less distractions. i honestly think the best option would be to: use everything less frequently, and have less to interact with. what does that mean? eh, just have certain times to not look at things, heh. oh and also leaving a bunch of servers on discord. i think that would be a good idea as well.

anyway, that was a PROPER ramble, hey? first of 2021. i look forward to seeing the kind things you say in the "chat", i'll try to check it every now and then. you could even let me know what you think about this post. also wanna mention again that the rss page exists. the link to the xml is at the top, so you can plug that into any rss reader to maybe get notifications whenever there's a new post to the feed.

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 01:40:32 CST

Site: chat page

chat page where you can talk in real Time maybe perhaps

Posted on Sat, 22 May 2021 03:06:00 CST

Art: mascot

mascot art and song

Posted on Fri, 21 May 2021 12:46:00 CST

Art: Subconscious Desires

new art and song

Posted on Mon, 17 May 2021 19:45:00 CST

Art: some ame manga fan art

Posted on Sun, 16 May 2021 17:43:00 CST


kinda had dates on the rss messed, but now they're fixed. enjoy ya feed...

Posted on Sat, 15 May 2021 01:49:00 CST

Rambling: May 15, 2021: x-post from twitter

hi yous all, i wanted to address this in a more informal way; im gonna be off everything until possibly the end of june

i've already been away from discord for about a week and it's been beneficial to say the least. not that there are people i avoid, or dislike talking to... but i have to be honest and say i have a problem when it comes to just mindlessly scrolling through servers or a timeline on twitter. i need a break to focus on my last bit of school and other personal projects. im sure im not the only person with terrible procrastination, which only leads to things snowballing and life seeming to get more and more shitty; so im hoping you'll understand and not worry or something.

i am fine! just need time to become a better me! much love! ty & see yous

at the moment, i do not think this is going to apply to MY site... i'll still post my own updates and things here. but, it's good to put this info here too.

Posted on Sat, 15 May 2021 00:56:00 CST

Rambling: May 14, 2021: Timestamp timezone shenanigans

In earlier entries, I had actually created a js function for automatically generating timestamps, and having that be converted to your local timezone. Now, I've decided to remove it, in favour of just pasting in a time myself. The timestamp button from the other day was just my way of getting a timestamp on the fly to copy! Ha!

From now on, new entries timestamps will be in CST (GMT-0600)!!! I will be keeping the old function up for the older posts for the time being. For now, it's goodbye.

Posted on Fri, 14 May 2021 23:29:29 CST

Rambling: May 13, 2021: More work to be done // More Time (thank u)

More work to be done:
there is more work yet to be done. archive page and crap coming soon
More time (thank u):
the website is good to go for another year!! i cant give a big enough thanks to everyone who buys my music on Bandcamp (you know who you are), the money goes towards the site!

Posted on Thu, 13 May 2021 13:00:05 CST

Rambling: May 11, 2021: May update!! // May update..update

May update!!:
hey! maybe you noticed the new system in place. it's not available for the 2020 page, because i really don't feel like updating all the pages there to support the new stuff, but yeah. anyway, all entries will appear here, on the main ramblings page. it's a bit of a throwback to the original, ORIGINAL, system from way back in june 2020. things are way way easier to add now so yeah

also you may have noticed a million other updates to the site, notably the background changing, and the addition of the rss page. there's also the rainbow text thing on the home page. OH and the new home for the echo comic!!! it should be nicer to go through them now...
May update..update:
ok im adding support for the 2020 entries

Posted on Tue, 11 May 2021 19:22:00 CST

ORGANYA page: CURRE downloads available

.org and .0cc files available for download here.

Posted on Mon, 3 May 2021 19:09:00 CST

Art: echo 5

5th entry to the echo comic

Posted on Tue, 29 Apr 2021 23:09:00 CST

Art: "this is where she comes to think"

art featuring astra and another fellow, somewhere...

Posted on Tue, 27 Apr 2021 21:32:00 CST

Art: echo 4

A new echo comic about Button, the creature introduced in the final part of echo 3..

Posted on Mon, 19 Apr 2021 22:12:00 CST

Art: Astra 3

It's another Astra picture! She's looking quite confident.

Posted on Sun, 12 Apr 2021 11:27:00 CST

Art: fishing

A new art piece, featuring a man fishing out of a toilet. I hope he catches something good!

Posted on Sun, 11 Apr 2021 11:56:00 CST

Rambling: April 3, 2021

An update for April 2021

Posted on Sat, 3 Apr 2021 05:41:19 CST