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7_final.mp3 [1/7/2021 11:44 PM]

an area of outer space within a dense nebula in which gas and dust are contracting, resulting in the formation of new stars.

here's some of the history of this track:

toesim.ogg [11/19/2020 1:44 PM]

this was the inspiration for this song... ok well, just the beginning chord or whatever but still! you can hear it, right?

7.mp3 [12/31/2020 3:17 PM]

i think it was started sometime a month earlier... but it was just the beginning part up until this version of the song was made (up to 0:31, to be specific). for the most part this one i also worked on quite fast! the ideas just sorta came into my head on the spot like it was all natural. i recall being very pleased with the creation of this track. the chords... i've never had an experience so easy before or after!!

7_3.ogg [1/1/2021 5:39 PM]

more smooth sailing. actually considered it done at this point, but went back in later to add some more pizazz! just a little bit though. after this, the final version was made. yeah! cool track. not a whole lot more to say about it.