a chronicle of creation

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MORNYNGE.wav [10/12/2020 10:48 PM]

mornynge, an archaic form of the word "morning".

here's some of the history of this track:

114.wav [10/11/2020 2:44 PM]
114-2.wav [10/11/2020 3:53 PM]

it started out as this sort of psuedomidi (it was made with a soundfont) it was awesome... but i thought... if im gonna make an album, i probably want it to have sonic diversity! and around that time, i was getting into bambootracker; software for creating OPN/A music. this would be the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling:

114-bt1.wav [10/11/2020 9:18 PM]

sound design's a little rough, but y'know... everything starts somewhere... the next iteration, a mere 20 minutes later, improves upon that:

114-bt2.wav [10/11/2020 9:38 PM]

yeah... that's cool and all, but how about something NEW??? well, ask and you shall recieve:

114-bt3.wav [10/11/2020 11:58 PM]

here you can see that neat little section in the middle is in! with the neat drum stuff... at least that's how i call it. the last section with the interesting variation and stuff and WHATEVER is also in! it is... noticeably off. all part of the experimentation process, booyah! (how could i think to end it off like that though??? no wonder i kept pushing on.)

114-bt4.wav [10/12/2020 2:57 AM]

really, the more it goes on, the more minute the larger differences become. this one is a little tough but the bass and drums in the final part are different. moving on...

114-bt5.wav [10/12/2020 1:23 PM]

this is pretty much there, just differences in the melody; i think i went to sleep in the time between this one and the last one lol... so describes my work flow. i usually tend to try to see whatever i create through, in that session. if not, then some time after waking up, if i get too tired while working on it... RARELY will i spend more than 4 or 5 days on a track... things should be finished and moved on from: be wary of starting new projects while already working on a project. funny i say that, considering the story of AFTERNONE and EVENYNG...