a chronicle of creation

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song3_final.ogg [1/7/2021 11:42 PM]

evenyng, an archaic form of the word "evening".

here's some of the history of this track:

song3.ogg [10/13/2020 7:14 PM]

yeah... i started this while working on AFTERNONE. the melody does not have any vibrato! or too much variation! just was putting ideas down... hmm...

song3_f.ogg [1/7/2021 12:38 AM]

i left these for so LONG what the heck... finishing them up way later... i try to not do that anymore!!! agh!!! but oh well. cool album! oh wait... where is the cool vocal harmony?? its gone. fun fact this was the first song of mine to feature my own voice. talk about experimentation! now i LOVE vocal harmony and voice. oh but at least the "byebye" sample is there. speaking of which...

byebye_sample.wav [1/7/2021 12:36 AM]

thats that! this album is very dear to me, being my first one... had always wanted to create one, and finally got around to committing to it. really, the most painful part about creating an album is holding on to all your neat songs!!! for me at least... always wanting to share right away... "hey! look at this cool thing i made!"... but hey, sometimes it's good to practice delayed gratification!