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caveasphaera_final_actual.ogg [1/7/2021 3:50 PM]

Caveasphaera is a multicellular organism found in 609-million-year-old rocks laid down during the Ediacaran period in the Guizhou Province of South China. The organism is not easily defined as an animal or non-animal.

here's some of the history of this track:

song4.ogg [10/23/2020 12:29 PM]

i think i watched an 8 bit music theory video about baka mitai just before i made this. something something japanese progression something something... anyway it begins! actually now that i think about it, it was just the drums from the beginning that this track was for a good while, just took that and went "well... maybe i can use this". FINISH PROJECTS!!!!

CAVEASPHAERA_1.ogg [1/5/2021 11:59 PM]

funny i say that though considering this track would lay dormant for a long while. until january!! wow. but yeah! here is some more... progress...

CAVEASPHAERA_2.ogg [1/7/2021 12:01 AM]

oh yeah. now we're gettin somewhere. instrumentation and other stuff is rather unfinalized, but there's a whole track there! woohoo!

caveasphaera_final.ogg [1/7/2021 1:06 AM]

i know it says final but refer to the REAL final "final_actual"... x) yeah... there are very minute differences to this and the last. like... some percussion stuff... being that it was an orgmaker track, there wasn't an easy way to get these into audio files. so, every time i wanted to render out a new version or whatever, would have to open audacity and record the computer audio manually! x) good times.