a chronicle of creation

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Baryogenesis.mp3 [12/9/2020 8:22 PM]

the generation of baryonic matter in the early moments of the big bang.

here's some of the history of this track:

BONUS.ogg [10/19/2020 4:39 PM]

surprise! another psuedomidi! starts of the same though. strange melody though!

BONUS2.ogg [10/19/2020 10:12 PM]

ok now it's a real midi... there's that beloved melody! but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere... hmmm... let's fix that!

song6_1.ogg [11/5/2020 11:46 PM]

i dont know why it's suddenly called "song6" now but y'know whatever i guess x) progress! things are getting there! cool section ideas being explored... not sure what the piano use at the end there is about, the bell sound in the final is clearly superior!

song6_Current.ogg [11/6/2020 1:14 AM]

yeah it's pretty much there! again, slight differences overall... later sections are hit more obviously than earlier ones. like the bit at 1:50, woah! but woohoo! this is essentially the track done. actually, i had considered it done at this point, but upon a relisten about a month later: decided to clean it up a bit and add a liiiiitle more. and that would be the final version!

i loved this song so much!!!! considered it my "best work" (ill be honest i frequently consider new things to be my "best work" cause my standards for myself are so low but i always end up surprising myself HAHA it doesn't really mean much.) and actually, this track WAS the title track at some point. it was called Abiogenesis!! but then i ended up making the current Abiogenesis...

don't think i had any idea about the neat time sig or polyrhythmic stuff goin on in this track but who cares! just doin stuff cause it sounds good. I have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm having fun!!!!