a chronicle of creation

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newthing_final.mp3 [1/7/2021 11:46 PM]

the creation of a living thing from something that is nonliving.

here's some of the history of this track:

pnoth.ogg [12/10/2020 ??:?? PM]

ok this ones funny because it also started out as a midi but not how one would expect.... it's this rather different sounding piece! and while coming up with chords to go under the original track, i came up with this beautiful progression somehow... i was like... bye first idea! hello potential!

newthing_1.ogg [12/10/2020 9:59PM]

i didn't waste much time. i sought out the usage of famitracker right away! came up with an intro and started fleshing out what was in my mind for this tune. i wanted it to have an impact.

newthing_2.ogg [12/10/2020 10:26PM]

just finishing off the bass. time for something new!

newthing_3.ogg [12/11/2020 5:32PM]

new section! and more to the melody. strange ending though...

newthing_4.ogg [12/11/2020 11:29PM]

there's that ending we know and love! kind of... the melody is not changed up, but no matter!

newthing_5.ogg [12/12/2020 10:42PM]

oh it's about time that bit at 0:29 was changed. hahahah, just made it less weak i guess.... anyway, there actually are not many changes from this one and the last.

ABIOGENESIS.ogg [12/24/2020 6:59PM]

here we see the introduction of the swelling pulse width modulation thingy at 0:55. before, it was just a normal 50% pulse or something... 1:38 sees the introduction of that counter melody , but it isn't complete! the end is also getting there! the melody change is there, and the cool swelling chord stuff. just a liiiiiitle different overall! the next iteration would be the final one.