(updated may 19 2022)

hello! i am dappoyo, i do creative works under the name skydev! this is my little corner on the internet. thanks for visiting! for the most part, i host whatever i want here, haha. there are occasional writeups that can be found on the homepage i have dubbed "ramblings". at the time of writing this, i am 18 years old.

i draw and write music, since 2018! have been developing both of these skills alongside each other, but have put most of my efforts into music. i love creating chiptunes (and chip inspired works), but have not shyed away from other types of music. everything i make is a bit different from other things i've made in the past, just like trying new things.

ive released 3 albums, and many collections of music ive created throughout the years. there is quite a lot! i love making music.

feel free to use stuff by me by the way, just leave credit. for the most part everything i make is cc-by, but if you have any questions please email me (skydev.music [at] gmail.com) or send me a message on twitter (@skydev64).

thank you again for visiting! i hope you enjoyed your stay. if you have your own web site and think it would fit in with a page like mine, let me know if you have a button and i can add it to the home page alongside the others.



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